City of Hoonah votes for mayor, again

By October 21, 2014 Southeast
Downtown Hoonah.

Downtown Hoonah (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/Coastalaska)

The City of Hoonah in Southeast Alaska held a runoff election today between the top two vote-getters for mayor from the October 7th city election.

Only six votes separated Jacqueline Dick and Kenneth Skaflestad, but neither one received the 40 percent necessary to win the mayor’s seat outright. Dick received the most votes with 118.

The city’s current mayor is Seferino Villarreal. Hoonah has a population of about 780, and roughly half of them cast ballots in the regular election.

As of 3 o’ clock this afternoon, about 240 voters had cast in-person ballots in the runoff election. Absentee voting started last Monday.

Official results are expected on Friday.

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