Nine to run for assembly, two for school board

On the day of the deadline, seven Juneau residents filed for candidacy at city hall. (KTOO file photo)

On the day of the deadline, seven Juneau residents filed for candidacy at city hall. (KTOO file photo)

At least one name will appear on the ballot for all the seats in the October municipal election after another seven Juneau residents filed to run before Monday’s 4:30 p.m. deadline.

As of 8 a.m. yesterday morning, no one had filed for the District 2 assembly seat. Now, five names will appear on the ballot.

That’s not unusual, says deputy municipal clerk Beth McEwen.

“I think when people see that there’s nobody who has submitted a petition, that the whole community starts talking and saying, ‘You know we want somebody to run.’ So I think a lot of people have been busy this weekend getting signatures and have been bringing them in,” says McEwan.

Debbie White, Karla Hart, David Fox, Kory Hunt and Joshua Warren are running for the Valley assembly seat. Norton Gregory, Maria Gladziszewski and Tony Yorba are running for the Areawide seat. Current assemblyman Jesse Kiehl is the only one to file for the District 1 seat.

There are two candidates for two school boards seats – current board vice-president Sean O’Brien and Brian Holst.

Frank Mesdag had filed to run for the District 2 assembly seat and Jake Kent submitted a nominating petition for school board, but both didn’t turn in the necessary financial disclosure. They were disqualified from official candidacy.

There’s still an opportunity to run a write-in campaign.

“There is a write-in letter of intent that has to be filed at minimum five days prior to the election day in order to be considered a write-in candidate. They also have to do the public official financial disclosure form, same as any other candidate,” McEwen says.

She also reminds Juneau residents, if you’re not already registered to vote, you must do so by September 7 in order to participate in the Juneau election.

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