“ME” Debut on Tideline, July 28, 2014

By July 29, 2014KRNN

Harrison B joined Katie B in the KRNN studio during her Tideline show on Monday, July 28, 2014 to talk about life on the road during this summer’s tour, musical influences and to debut his new single “ME. ”

In the first part of their conversation, Harrison and Katie chat about the experience of living all summer out of a Silver Air Stream trailer with drummer Cole Paramore and base player JR.  Harrison also hits on some of the performance highs, and some musical influences, including “I Love Lamp” by RDGLDGR.

In this next segment Harrison and Katie talk a little more about the above song, Harrison’s freedom to experiment and try new sounds, and about Gary Clark Junior’s “Bright Light’s”.

The conversation continues with talks of astrology, upcoming Haine’s Fair gigs,  the meaning of the new song “ME” and collaborating with Cole Paramore.

“ME” by Harrison B

Harrison shares some final thoughts on “ME”, promotes the August 16th show with the Shiver Twins and the Wool Pullers, goes over his Haines Fair performance schedule, and how listeners can get a free copy of “ME” via social media.

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