Update: Juneau police shoot, kill black bear downtown

Update, Monday, June 23:

A young black bear killed in downtown Juneau on Saturday appeared to be about a 150-pound three-year-old.

Juneau police shot the bear after it broke into a home on Rawn Way near Gastineau Avenue. Fish and Game biologists arrived a short time later.

Acting area biologist Stephanie Sell says the bear was able to push open the door to the home and helped himself to some food on a shelf just inside.

Juneau is surrounded by black bear habitat and the downtown area has always been a popular place for bears to roam, she says.

It seems like there’s an underground bear-making factory. And you know every time we take bears out of downtown, either move them or get rid of them, there’s always a bear that takes its spot.”

Sell doesn’t believe there are more bears in the downtown area this summer. Instead, she says, humans’ unsecured or poorly secured garbage give the bears easy targets.

We could take a bear out of an area but if we don’t solve the initial problem, which maybe the trash or poor garbage enclosures, you know the bears are just going to keep coming back.”

Juneau garbage laws are in effect year around. A violation for unsecured garbage in Juneau ranges from $50 for the first offense to $300 dollars for the third within two years.

Original story:

Juneau police shot and killed a black bear that broke into a home on Rawn Way near Gastineau Avenue on Saturday.

An officer shot at the bear twice with a shotgun after seeing the animal a doorway, according to a JPD news release. After the bear was shot, it ran behind the house, where it was later found dead.

Police say the bear was able to enter the home through the front door, which did not have a working doorknob. No other details about the incident were immediately available.

JPD says officials from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game were notified and responded.

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