Detroit company takes over food sales at Juneau airport

Prior to the new concession stand in the Juneau airport, the only options for travelers' to purchase food or beverage in the departure lounge was  from vending machines (Photo courtesy of Juneau International Airport)

The concession stand in the Juneau airport departure lounge. (Photo courtesy of Juneau International Airport)

Detroit-based Jacobsen/Daniels Associates, or JDA, started operations at Juneau International Airport on Thursday after a short-term contract with Marlintini’s Lounge owner Ethan Billings ended.

The transition comes as the airport goes through a small remodel of the lounge area, most recently known as Brandi’s Airport Bar. Airport manager Patty deLaBruere says the lounge will be closed for May. When it reopens in June, the area will be divided into two sections accommodating a lounge with a limited menu and a coffee shop.

The Juneau airport lounge is closed for May and will reopen in June. (Photo courtesy of Juneau International Airport)

The Juneau airport bar is closed for May and will reopen in June. (Photo courtesy of Juneau International Airport)

The airport restaurant will remain closed.

“That area is slated for remodel. That and the whole kitchen,” deLaBruere says. “The kitchen is part of the oldest section of the airport and there were a lot of inefficiencies in that area. And so this is kind of an interim step until we can finalize plans of where we’re going with the next phase of food and beverage concessions, couple years down the line.”

The new concession stand inside the departure lounge opened last month and deLaBruere says it continues to be busy under the new company.

“They’ve got grab-and-go sandwiches, some of the more gourmet sandwiches. And they have nice salads, fresh fruits, snacks, and they’ve got the traditional coffees and espressos,” she says.

JDA is in the process of getting a liquor license. In the meantime, deLaBruere hopes the traveling public will be patient.

“As long as they know that something is going to happen. I know it doesn’t do anything for the person right here and now that’s traveling this day if they were hoping to grab a beer before they left, but we hope that people understand that this is a transition and we want to get through it as quickly as possible,” deLaBruere says.

The contract with JDA lasts through September 2016 with an opportunity to renew.

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