The Artist: featuring painter David Woodie

By April 25, 2014360 North Tune In
Still Life by David Woodie

Still Life by David Woodie

Be part of the audience for the new television program: The Artist. Scott Burton interviews painter and teacher David Woodie on Thursday, May 1st, as part of a multimedia presentation of his artwork. Woodie has worked as a logger, a fisherman, and a teacher and uses the unique perspectives he gained in those fields in his paintings. Woodie refers to himself as a narrative painter and says that his paintings suggest stories. Come learn what he thinks those stories are, or make your own interpretations.

In addition to the artist’s work, see video footage of him in the classroom and in the studio, and learn what makes him tick @360 in the KTOO and 360 North building. Doors open at 6:30, cameras roll at 7:00. Admission is free.

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