Juneau police searching for stolen guns

Juneau police are looking for tips they hope will lead them to five stolen firearms.

Police say a 7 mm rifle, a .338 Winchester Magnum rifle with synthetic stock, two .22-caliber rifles, and a .308 bolt action rifle were taken earlier this month from a home in the 8100 block of Threadneedle Street.

Lt. Kris Sell says firearm thefts are often linked to drug users. She says typically when someone needing drug money steals guns, there’s an immediate attempt to sell them for quick cash.

The person may not have a reasonable explanation for selling so many guns at once and may not be willing to provide identification. She says the person may try to sell the guns out of a car, or may have ground off the serial numbers.

Anyone with tips about firearms being sold in this way should notify Juneau police at 586-0600, or the Juneau Crime Line website.

Sell says vehicle license numbers and physical descriptions of the person are particularly helpful.

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