Lindh and Hinkley overall Town Downhill winners

Former Olympian Hilary Lindh was clocked at 58 mph and Juneau ski racer Chris Hinkley at 53 mph on Saturday in the Town Downhill at Eaglecrest Ski Area.

With Lindh’s time of 50.32 seconds and Hinkley’s 49.79 seconds, they were the overall winners of the third annual race for skiers whose ages ranged from 10 to well into their 60s.

Skiing in the age group 19 to 25, Lucy Squibb was second overall for women with a time of 53.07. Hailley Jones was third, skiing the course in 53.53 seconds for girls ages 10 to 13.

With a time of 51.34, David Lowell was second overall for men. Don Meiners was third. He raced the course in 51.58 seconds. Both skied in the over 26 age group.

The radar gun clocking speeds was at one point in the course. Overall results were based on the best of two runs. Seventy-four people participated.

Full results list here.






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