Second child enticement case reported in Juneau

Juneau police are now investigating two child endangerment cases.

Police reported earlier this week that an 11-year-old girl was approached by two men in a truck while she was walking home from school on Stephen Richards Memorial Drive.  She ran away and reported the incident.

When word went out, it sparked the report of unreported case last July near Walmart.

A Juneau resident told police he witnessed a man in a maroon Ford Ranger watching two 8 or 9-year-old girls.  The truck was reportedly parked between the bus stop and Walmart, and the witness was at the bus stop.

He told police a man got out of the truck, approached the girls and offered them a ride.  Then the man grabbed one of the girls by the arm and started pulling her toward the pickup.

The witness told police he punched the man in the face and the girl was able to get away.  Both girls ran into the trailer park across the street.

The Ford Ranger was an extended cab pickup with Texas license plates.  The driver was described as Caucasian, about 6 feet tall, thin, in his late 40s or 50s, with black and gray hair, and a goatee.

Lt. Kris Sell says police are investigating a possible link between the two cases.

In the most recent case, the truck was described as a dark blue, older Toyota pickup with broken taillights and a black canopy with a missing back window. The driver was described as in his 50s, with a black and gray beard.  A male passenger, possibly in his 30s, was wearing an olive green baseball cap and tan Carhartt coat.

Police say anyone with any information about either case should contact JPD immediately.

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