Juneau teachers and district reach tentative agreement

By January 23, 2014Education
Teachers greeted Juneau school board members Tuesday as they entered JDHS for their monthly meeting.  Contract negotiations are at a standstill.

Teachers greeted Juneau school board members with a picket line as they entered JDHS for their monthly meeting in December. (Photo by Rosemarie Alexander/KTOO)

Juneau teachers and the school district have reached a tentative agreement.

While negotiating teams have not yet signed the proposal, teachers were informed by email last night (Wednesday) that final details will be forthcoming.

Juneau Education Association spokesman Dirk Miller calls it a “tentative, tentative agreement.”

“They’ll be meeting early next week to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on it, but I think we’re going forward.  And then membership will get a chance to look at it next week.”

Once the tentative agreement goes to JEA members, Miller says they will have seven days before they vote on it.

The teachers’ union presented a new proposal to the school district two weeks ago, the district countered and the two sides went back into negotiations, with both saying they felt there could be a positive outcome.  Teachers have been working without a contract since June.

Miller says he has no details of the tentative agreement, but at Tuesday’s school budget meeting, Superintendent Glen Gelbrich said the latest offer from the Board of Education would increase the budget about $1.3 million, including salaries and benefits.


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