JPD offers reward for illegal drug import tips

Heroin powder

Heroin powder. Image courtesy Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Juneau Police Department is offering a reward for reliable tips on illegal drug imports to the capital city.

JPD released its 2013 drug seizure report on Thursday, showing an increase in the use of prescription medicines such as Oxycodone and the time-released OxyContin, as well as methamphetamine.

On Friday, the department announced a drug specific reward of up to $1,500 for reliable reports of OxyContin importation, with the reward depending on the amount of drugs intercepted.

JPD’s Crime Line has previously paid a reward for tips on OxyContin trafficking.

Lt. Kris Sell says it’s an easy path from pills to an intravenous drug like heroin.

These prescription pills are not only damaging in and of themselves, with horrible addictions, but it moves you right into heroin and really serious stuff, because once that needle barrier is broken, you are an intravenous drug user now and things are not going to be good for you.

Sells says the department is also looking for information on heroin and meth. JPD seized 592 grams of heroin last year, at a street value of $ 592,000, and 760 grams of meth, worth 124-thousand.

All tips to JPD’s Crime Line are anonymous.

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