Telling Tales 12/17/13

Tuesday’s show is hosting: Poetry Grand Slam — Poets


–Bill Merck and Nathan Bloc

They will both be reciting their own poetry and also giving tribute to poets who have inspired them.




Two of Nathan’s poems we will get to hear are:

–Ominous Zoologist

–Fool’s Poem


This month’s Woosh Kinaadeiyí open mic and poetry slam theme is "Tribute. 

It will be held Friday, Dec. 20, at 6:30 p.m. at 209 Seward St.

(between Urban Eskimo and Nana’s Attic). The event, open to

poets and performers of all ages and all abilities, will be hosted

by Mike Christenson and Krage Skafelstad, with DJ Manu providing music.

There will be a party following the Slam to help Woosh Kinaadeiyí say

“thank you” to the community.

Food and drink will be provided. Suggested Donation is $5.




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