Gelbrich makes short list of candidates for Montana job

Glenn Gelbrich

Superintendent Glenn Gelbrich

Juneau superintendent Glenn Gelbrich has reached the second round in the selection process for a new superintendent of the Kalispell, Montana school district.

The Kalispell Public Schools Board of Trustees on Tuesday night narrowed the list of candidates from nine to five, according to Daily Inter Lake reporter Hilary Matheson, in an email to KTOO.  Interviews are scheduled on Jan. 13th and 14th.

Gelbrich came to Juneau in July 2009 from Oregon, where his wife and family still live.  He says the Kalispell job would put him closer to family.

“I think part of the reason for participating in the process is so that you understand the position very, very well and  you know what the work is, because you want to make sure that’s the work that you want to do,” Gelbrich says. “So if it were offered and if I understand it well enough and it feels like it’s a match, then yeah, otherwise I’m wasting their time.”

Gelbrich signed a three-year contract with the Juneau School District in March. It expires in June 2016.

He is currently making $155,000 a year. The Kalispell job was advertised at $125,000 plus benefits, depending on experience.

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