Car accident on Egan sends one car into the water

Snow, ice, and poor visibility are all adding up to treacherous driving conditions in Juneau today.

A sport utility vehicle wound up in the wetlands near Vanderbilt Hill Road this morning, with water up to its tires. The driver was able to get out.

Juneau Police Spokesman Lieutenant David Campbell says two vehicles clipped each other and a sedan spun out. Both were driving outbound.

Traffic continued to flow in one lane while a tow truck pulled the vehicle out of the water.

Campbell says one person was transported to Bartlett Regional Hospital complaining of shoulder pain.

He says police responded to several accidents on Juneau’s snow-covered roads in the last 24 hours, but none were serious.

He cautions drivers that roads throughout Juneau are slick.

“Leave a little early, take time to get places. Don’t be in a rush,” Campbell says. “You know, drive the appropriate speed for the conditions. ”

Some agencies at the Federal Building in Juneau are letting workers leave early today, according to the General Services Administration. The Coast Guard is sending people home at 3 p.m. Meanwhile, the Gold Creek Child Development Center, located in the Federal Building, is also closing early today.

The U.S. Forest Service Juneau Ranger District and Admiralty National Monument office on Back Loop Road closed at 2 p.m.

The Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute at Lena Point is also closing at 3 p.m. The lab closed early yesterday as well.

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