School district and Juneau teachers resume negotiations

By November 18, 2013Economy, Education

One teacher got the last word and stayed warm, too. This sign greeted negotiators as they went to the conference room inside the building.

“Negotiate, educate, appreciate now.  Negotiate, educate, appreciate now.”

Contract bargaining between the Juneau School District and teachers resumed Monday evening, and as negotiators entered NEA-Alaska offices they were greeted with chants and signs calling for a fair contract.

This is the first negotiating session since early October.  Teachers are working for the second year on a one-year contract that remains in effect until a new agreement is reached.  They’re clearly frustrated by the lack of bargaining.

Despite blustery winds and temperatures in the low teens, about 20 teachers gathered outside the downtown Juneau office building where the session was held.

Juneau Education Association negotiators entered to cheers, while school district officials heard “settle our contract.”

Teachers started gathering after school as negotiating teams walked into a bargaining session.

Teachers received no salary increase in last year’s contract. They’re asking for no less than a cost of living increase in this year’s agreement.

The two sides met in arbitration in October.  The arbitrator’s opinion is expected by the end of the year, but it’s only advisory.

School district officials maintain there is no money in the budget for a raise for teachers.




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