Enroll Alaska launches in Juneau despite ongoing issues

By November 18, 2013Health

Enroll Alaska sets up office at Bartlett Regional Hospital starting Wednesday. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)

Wednesday is Enroll Alaska’s first day in Juneau.

Agent Mike Clark will be at Bartlett Regional Hospital Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 5 pm. Enroll Alaska hopes to expand hours next week.

Chief operating officer Tyann Boling says people can get help signing up for health insurance by scheduling an appointment through Enroll Alaska’s main office (907-770-5100) or stopping by the hospital. The Enroll Alaska office will be located off the hospital’s lobby in room C.

Despite finally starting up in Juneau, Boling says the healthcare.gov website is still not working well.

“If an individual has a very simple case, you know, let’s say it’s one single person, they just want to get themself enrolled, it’s a simple enrollment. If it’s a family, if it’s one individual who’s got VA and the other does not, any complicated issue – which that should not be complicated at all – the system has a really hard time with,” Boling explains. “So, we’re still dealing with a lot of system issues.”

The health insurance broker said last week it planned to have two agents in Juneau – one at Bartlett and one at Walmart – but Boling says there are not enough agents at the moment.

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