Juneau Afternoon 11/15/13

By November 14, 2013A Juneau Afternoon

Friday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.

We’ll find out about tonight’s UAS Evening at Egan presentation;

Reena Sims will give a talk on the status of the Turkey drive.

We’ll hear about the Juneau cabaret presentation from Laura Haywood and Sarah Brown;

And we’ll get a preview of Saturday’s Comedy Show/Fundraiser for the Four A’s;

We’ll talk with Kathryn Kell, from the CANVAS, about upcoming art classes and happenings;

And we’ll get a preview of next Monday’s Native American Heritage Month lecture by Rosita Worl on Tlingit Spirituality in the 21st Century;

That, Writer’s Almanac, Bird Note, music and more, today at 3 on KTOO-NEWS.

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