Crabber grounds near Dutch

Six people are reported safe after their boat ran aground in Unalaska Bay on Friday.

The 105-foot crabber Arctic Hunter reported going up on rocks about six miles from Dutch Harbor at about 3:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

The vessel lost power and the crew could not dewater a flooded engine room.

Two other vessels, the Bristol Mariner and the Saga, responded to the scene as the Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter from Cold Bay.

Six crewmen on board the Arctic Hunter donned survival suits and evacuated into a life raft. According to officials at the Coast Guard Command Center in Juneau, the Saga took the raft in tow and later brought the crewmen on board for transportation to Dutch Harbor. The helicopter, which was still on its way to the scene, then returned to base.

There was no immediate word on any injuries, extent of damage to the vessel, or any pollution at the scene.

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