Assembly members met Wednesday to set goals for 2013/2014.  CBJ department heads look on, since city staff must make the goals happen. Photo by Rosemarie Alexander.

Resolving Juneau’s solid waste problems tops the list of the Assembly’s goals for the next year.

In a 3 and a half hour retreat Wednesday morning, the nine-member panel prioritized a list of 16 issues the city and borough should tackle.

Some, like housing, economic development, and parking, have been on previous Assembly’s lists.

Mayor Merrill Sanford says the key is moving them off the list and into reality.

“Maybe we can get caught up on a few here and get beyond and get into new goals,  you know, starting next year.  But this gives us a priority list to go by,” Sanford says.

During the meeting, Assembly member Randy Wanamaker reminded his colleagues that the fewer goals the better because so many are already on the list.

A number of the issues considered priorities are in progress, including measures for creating more housing in Juneau.

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