Even as season winds down, bears are still roaming in Juneau

This bear was determined to get inside this trash can out the road on Thursday morning. (Video courtesy Greg Culley)


Juneau police say a bear was struck by two vehicles on Glacier Highway near Jensine Street Thursday afternoon.

Lieutenant David Campbell says the bear scampered into the woods after being struck. He says it likely suffered some injuries, but it’s not known how severe. There’s no word on how old the bear was or the amount of damage to the vehicles.

Campbell says the report came in around 1 p.m. and was turned over to Alaska State Troopers.

State Wildlife Biologist Ryan Scott says while most bears in Juneau are starting to take their long winter naps, some are still active.

“We know of a few bears downtown, we’re working with a resident here on Douglas with one too. What you’re seeing right now is really the last push for these animals before they go up into hibernation,” says Scott. “And every year about this time of year we get a pulse of activity and so it’s not necessarily a surprise. But it just reminds us that we’re not quite out of the woods yet.”

And just as during the height of bear season, Scott says it’s important to properly secure trash and not allow bear attractants to build up on your property.

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