Ketchikan Assembly is suing the state

Ketchikan Assembly

(Photo courtesy KRBD)

In a split vote Monday, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly decided to sue the State of Alaska over school funding.

Led by Borough Manager Dan Bockhorst, the borough has for about five years challenged what it calls state underfunding of basic needs for schools. The state requires that borough governments fund local schools, but communities in unorganized parts of the state are exempt.

The required local contribution is the percentage of a school district’s budget that an organized borough in Alaska must pay.

The borough contends that this requirement is unfair and unconstitutional, and that required school funding is an unlawful de facto tax.

State officials have not been receptive to the borough’s arguments, though, and the borough has been considering options, such as a state ballot initiative; dissolving the borough; and suing the state.

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