High JDHS score prompts mercy rule

The JDHS Crimson Bears were sporting new jerseys at Saturday’s lop-side game against the Pemberton, B.C. Grizzlies.

A small school from British Columbia was scoreless against the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears, while the Thunder Mountain Falcons fell to the Kodiak Bears in weekend high school varsity football.

It was a total mismatch for the Crimson Bears and the Pemberton Grizzlies.  In the first half, Juneau scored ten touchdowns and a safety, for a score of 72 to 0.

At half time, Crimson Bears head coach Rich Sjoross said he planned to invoke the mercy rule at the beginning of the third quarter, allowing the game clock to continue to run even on plays when it would normally stop.

“Normally it doesn’t kick in until the end of the third quarter, but we’ll see if they want to just run it after half time, then it’d just be a running clock in the second half,” Sjoross said.

The Crimson Bears’ junior varsity team was playing in Ketchikan, so Sjoross couldn’t field less experienced players to make the game more competitive.

“I got 26 kids and 17 seniors. So when I sub a guy out, I put another senior in his spot.  I just have a veteran team,” he said.

Neither team scored in the second half.

JDHS is now a member of the small Southeast Conference with Ketchikan, Sitka, Thunder Mountain and North Pole.  The Crimson Bears were to have played Sitka on Saturday, but Sitka cancelled earlier this season.  Juneau has filled out the regular season schedule with a number of non-conference games, including Pemberton and two teams from the Lower 48.

Pemberton is a town of about 2,300 north of Whistler, B.C.  Pemberton’s secondary school enrollment is less than 400, and includes grades 8 through 12.

In Kodiak on Saturday, the Thunder Mountain Falcons battled the Bears, losing 60 to 15. It was a non-conference game.

TMHS has one win and one loss in Southeast Conference games and three non-conference losses.

JDHS has five wins, two of them conference games, and one loss for the season to Foss High School, from Tacoma, Wash.

TMHS and JDHS square off on Oct. 4.

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