Windy weekend in Southeast

The National Weather Service said the early morning strong winds that blew through some parts of Juneau Sunday were just the prelude to fall.

A newly installed garden shed had its first test in Sunday’s big blow through the Mendenhall Valley.

The highest gusts were reported at 12:35 a.m. at the Juneau airport.  Two brief and localized power outages were caused by a tree that fell on Davis Avenue and another on Dudley Street, according to Alaska Electric Light and Power.

The gusts wreaked havoc on some gardens, sheds, and a greenhouse or two, but no major damage was reported.

Forecaster Kimberly Vaughan said most of Southeast had wind and rain, with the highest amounts of rain in Yakutat and Skagway, Pelican and Elfin Cove.

“And it basically had a tropical feel, which is where all the rain came from.  You know it was warm and moist, and kind of what we call an atmospheric river,” Vaughan said.

Eaglecrest had 1.33 inches of rain for the 24-hour period, Saturday to 8.a.m. Sunday.  Pelican had more than 3 inches.

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