Cellist Zuill Bailey performs music “Made in America”

A picture of Zuill Bailey

Cellist Zuill Bailey will be returning to Juneau to perform “Made in America” a program of songs from American composers on Sunday, August 31 at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. Photo from zuillbailey.com

Internationally renowned cellist, Zuill Bailey is returning to Juneau. Performing this Sunday, the Jazz and Classics musician will be showcasing music Made in America.

 Zuill Bailey is a phenomenal cellist, artist, person, communicator, and what can I say? Ambassador for classical music.  -Linda Rosenthal

Juneau Jazz and Classics Artistic and Executive Director, Linda Rosenthal, says cellist Zuill Bailey is stopping in Juneau on his way from the Sitka   to Anchorage.  Known for his speaking directly to the audience,  Bailey shares his craft through storytelling, with people who may have no previous experience with the classical world.

He says the commentary enhances the experience, giving audience members new insight on music hundred of years old. The stories range from personal experiences to the composer’s location when the piece was written, and what was happening in the world at that time .

 It’s never theoretical stuff, it’s friendships, and love affairs, and enemies, and deaths and these types of things that inspire why we feel innately with this music. I feel that classical is such a boutique experience and timeless experience and I feel that people can kind of stick their toe into the pool of sound and hear it again and again and again because the classics, they are so deep and so significant. -Bailey


Unlike past recitals, Bailey will not feature a single composer, but many. Some born in America and some who fled Europe and made a life in the United States. Playing the music of Barber and Bernstein, pianist Lara Downes will accompany Bailey and perform a half recital featuring composers exiled to the United States. Downes and Bailey are getting ready to record an album of American music that’s all over the map. Rosenthal says she’s excited by Downes addition.

I feel like with Zuill any program he chooses or whatever piece he chooses will never disappoint an audience. I mean, people just seem to be tremendously inspired,  uplifted and energized by his performances. -Rosenthal

Zuill Bailey and Lara Downes will be performing “Made in America” this Sunday at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. Tickets can be purchased at Hearthside Books, the JACC box office, and at the door.


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