Bicycle awareness campaign wraps up

Friday is the last day for the Spot the Chief for a Ten Spot bicycle safety campaign.

Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson has been riding around town during the commute for most days this week, wearing a helmet and a white and black-spotted cycling jersey.

If you see Chief Johnson on Friday, call the Juneau Police Department when you get to your destination, leave a message about who you are, your license number, and where you saw him. If you’re correct, then you’ll get ten dollars that you can later pick up from the police station.

The campaign stems from at least five reports of collisions between cyclists and vehicles this summer in which vehicle drivers did not see or respond to the cyclists who have the right of way.

Chief Johnson says they’re trying to raise the public’s awareness of cycling traffic.

Motorists are, for the most part, paying attention. But it is always incumbent on the cyclist to pay attention also. We encourage cyclists, before you enter an intersection, to make eye contact with the driver. Even though the cyclist may have the right-of-way, if the car goes, you’re going to lose that everytime. You want to make sure that you’re making eye contact and obeying the rules that you’re supposed to be obeying.”

So far, seven Juneau commuters have won a Ten Spot or $10 after spotting the Chief.

Funds for the awards come from the Capital City Chapter of the Alaska Peace Officers Association.

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