Derby participants catch 50 percent more salmon

By August 14, 2013Outdoors, Sports

Three days of derby fishing amounts to almost $44,000-dollars toward the Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Fund.

Participants of the Golden North Salmon Derby caught more than 30,000 pounds of salmon. Almost 28,000 of that was coho, which reflects a drop in the number of kings caught.

Derby chair Mike Satre says all the fish were sold to Alaska Glacier Seafoods.

“We were seeing just about a $1.25 per pound on the cohos and it’s $4 per pound for a good bright, bright king salmon. All the fish turned in for the derby, it averaged about $1.41 a pound when you look at everything all together.”

Satre says the total weight of salmon sold was a fifty percent increase from last year’s amount.

The Territorial Sportsmen gives out scholarships to several graduates of Juneau’s school district for college and vocational school.

Derby awards will be given tomorrow night at Centennial Hall.

On top of getting $10,000 in cash, first place winner Jody Hass and her family get to ride to the event in a limo.

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