Pause in parking tickets is over

A motorist follows the parking rules and registers her car at the Downtown Transportation Center parking garage. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)

CBJ parking enforcement begins again today.

An Alaska Supreme Court decision earlier this year nullified citations not delivered in person. That meant parking enforcement couldn’t serve tickets to vehicles; instead a ticket had to be served to the violator.

Issuing a parking ticket in person just isn’t efficient says Community Service Officer Bob Dilley, “A good use of a person’s time is not waiting for one person to come back to their car to issue them a simple parking ticket for being parked, let’s say, 12 inches from the curb.”

The CBJ assembly passed an ordinance in May allowing the city to handle its own parking violations, and community service officers stopped issuing citations on a wide-scale.

The transition is now over and the city will resume leaving tickets under car windshield wipers.

Deputy city manager Rob Steedle says parking violation appeals will go before a CBJ hearing officer, “We haven’t experienced a lot of appeals in the past, so we don’t think the volume will be great.”

Appeals can only be made for citations issued starting today.

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