KXLL Rock the Vote Recap

By July 24, 2013KXLL


KXLL Voter Registration and Rock the Vote:  

Last fall KXLL, Juneau’s radio station for youths aged 18-28 took on the issue of voting with its audience. With the help of the Alaska Director of Elections, Gail Fenumiai, three staff members and one volunteer were trained to become voter registrars to launch a campaign to get young people registered to vote in both our municipal, state and national elections. By setting up tables in high visibility and unlikely areas including the university, grocery store, and outside of some of Juneau’s popular bar and food establishments, our campaign was able to reach people who may not be able to take advantage traditional voter registration locations like DMV. The registration push culminated with a “Rock the Vote” event on September 15th, with 3 local bands, the League of Women Voters and both major parties represented.  We were successful in registering several dozen first time voters. This registration campaign was also coupled with heavy PSA campaign encouraging people to “get out and vote” for the causes that mean most to them.  This has been a great public service for the young KXLL audience, instilling the sense of civic responsibility.

 “Finding the KXLL register to vote booth was such a pleasant surprise! I’d talked to friends earlier that week about how and where to register; KXLL made it so convenient! After I signed up I texted a couplepeople who I knew were interested. Woot woot, making political efficacy easier!” -Kitt Burroughs first time Alaska voter

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