Juneau man cited for shooting at bear

Alaska State Troopers report that a Juneau man attempted to shoot a bear that was endangering several children, but he failed to notify authorities that he took the bear or that a wounded bear may still be on the loose in a residential neighborhood.

Roger R. Sheakley, 63, tried to shoot the black bear with a bow and arrow from his residence on Kanat’a Deyi Street in the Mendenhall Valley on or before July 10th, according to Troopers. As the bear was reported to be in his family’s yard, Sheakley’s action were considered to be in defense of life or property. Sheakley was uncertain if he had actually taken the bear, but Troopers say that he did not report that a possibly wounded bear was still in the area.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists later heard about the bear from concerned neighbors. A search by biologists and Troopers turned up bear sign and garbage, but not the bear itself.

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