Housing construction increases in the capital city

The number of existing home renovations and construction of single family and multiple-family dwellings are on the rise in Juneau. Photo by Justin Heard / KTOO.

Home construction in Juneau is up.

The city and borough reports an increase in number of building permits for single family homes as well as multiple-family units during the first six months of this year.

CBJ Community Development Director Hal Hart said the city has issued 43 construction permits since January for a total of 89 residences.

“The best news is that we’re seeing housing on both sides of that. We have single family home investments occurring and we’re hoping we’ll see more.  And we’re also seeing manufactured home investment occurring as well,” Hart told the Juneau Assembly Monday night.

The current figures include 28 single-family homes, some with attached apartments, as well as an increase in the number of duplexes, and units with three and four individual homes.

Choate Residence renovation sign

“We’ve had a manufactured home park that’s pulled off 12 old units and put 12 brand new units in, so there’s 12 more brand new manufactured units,” he said. In addition, two separate permits have been approved for a total of 25 multiple-family units.

Six residences have been added to Juneau’s housing inventory through what Hart calls conversions to existing single family homes.

Hart said he expects a couple of proposed large apartment or condominium projects to qualify for building permits later this year.

A top Assembly goal for the year is to increase affordable housing in Juneau, but Hart said that housing sector is not growing.

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