Smoke from Canadian wildfires blow through Panhandle

Expect somewhat smoky skies in Juneau this week.

Expect somewhat smoky skies in Juneau this week.

Yukon wildfires are blamed for the hazy conditions and the orange sunrise on Monday.

Kimberly Vaughan of the National Weather Service office in Juneau said that northerly winds should bring down the smoke from Carmacks area fires into the Juneau area through Wednesday. There may be a thinning of the smoke in the Juneau area as the plume shifts and heads more southwest.

Yukon Wildland Fire Management reports a total of 86 fires burning in the territory with two new fires reported in the Mayo District.

British Columbia Wildfire Management reports that they are currently responding to or monitoring six fires in the province. The largest, nearest fire to Southeast Alaska is the 600-acre blaze burning southwest of Mount Edziza Park.

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