Flomentum brings the beatz

This is hip hop: evv’n’flo ( Evan Simko) and Momentum = mv (Sean Lindsay) will talking up their official EP release on KXLL today.

Sometimes at KTOO, your assistant finance director is your best lede for hip hop releases. Juneau-Portland duo Sean Lindsay and Evan Simko will be on Annie on the Spot to talk about their new EP “Current” which was officially released on July 1st. “Current” is available for free download now on their bandcamp page, but if you still have a cd player you can get a physical copy for a donation while the boys are in town.

If you have questions for  evv’n’flo or Momentum = mv email me at annie@ktoo.org. I have some questions of my own, but I’ll save them for the radio. Tune in at 4:00.


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