Assembly appoints new city attorney

Photo courtesy CBJ website

Amy Mead is the new city attorney for the city and borough of Juneau. She was appointed to the job late Friday by the CBJ assembly. Since 2010, Mead has been the assistant city attorney.

She takes over for John Hartle who retired last week after 20 years in the CBJ law department.

“His institutional knowledge of the city and borough of Juneau is enormous. I learned a lot from him while I was here,” Mead says.

Mead was selected from a pool of four finalists. Her appointment came after the assembly interviewed each candidate on Friday.

“The assembly had a lot of really qualified candidates in front of it. I’m really honored that the assembly was confident in my ability and is supporting me in this way,” she says.

Originally from Boston, Mead got her undergraduate degree from Boston University, and her law degree from Tulane Law School in New Orleans.

Prior to joining CBJ’s law department, Mead was in private practice and was an assistant attorney general and assistant district attorney for the state. Mead was also city and borough attorney for Wrangell.

“My time there solidified my desire to return to public sector work and really made it clear for me how much I do enjoy municipal practice. I really like it. I’m just so excited about this appointment,” says Mead.

Mead begins her new position as city attorney Monday. She’ll receive a salary of $130,000, plus standard benefits.

Jane Sebens will continue as CBJ’s deputy city attorney.

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