Seneca Harper brings Mod Carousel to Juneau

Juneau native Seneca Harper as “The Luminous Pariah.”

Seneca Harper had just finished casting the  sculpture he will wear as a headdress at next week’s A Mod Review  before coming to the station for  “A Juneau Afternoon” yesterday. Excellent Radio was lucky enough to get the low-down on his upcoming  performances and hear some of  the music that inspired tonight’s super-show Wham! Bam! KaBoom!

You can check out Seneca and his Seattle-based “BOYlesque” trio Mod Carousel this weekend at Rockwell  for Wham! Bam! KaBOOM! and in the old-school cabaret  show A Mod Revue next week at Perseverance Theatre. Both Performances will feature the international burlesque star Lily Verlaine.

Seneca’s Top Songs to Dance Around in your Underwear to:

Do You Want to Touch Me by Joan Jett

My Hair Looks Fierce by Amanda Lepore

Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce

Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum

Man with the Golden Arm – Barry Adamson

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