The Juneau Assembly has appointed a tourism specialist and commercial fishing advocate to the CBJ Docks and Harbors Board.

Bob Janes, owner of Gastineau Guiding, and Mike Peterson will each serve a three-year-term beginning in July.  They replace outgoing member Eric Kueffner – who could not be re-appointed due to term limits.  Outgoing member Mike Williams decided not to seek another term.

Assembly member Jesse Kiehl chaired the Human Resource Committee of the Whole, comprised of all nine Assembly members.  They reappointed Greg Busch to the board.  Busch is currently Docks and Harbors vice chairman.

“We felt that the folks we ended up appointing are going to make for a more diverse Docks and Harbors Board than we’ve had in the past, and an even stronger one,” Kiehl says.


Phase 1 of the project has been completed

Phase 1 of the Statter Harbor project has been completed. (Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO)

The Statter Harbor master plan was a recurring issue during the Docks and Harbors interviews, he says.

The Planning Commission recently turned down a conditional use permit for the second phase of the harbor, including a new launch ramp and parking area.  An Auke Bay neighborhood group opposes some of the proposed changes. The commission will reconsider its vote on Tuesday.

Kiehl says the Assembly did not give the Docks and Harbors Board direction about the harbor, “but I think it’s fair to say we were looking for folks that have a very balanced approach and who put a lot of value on reaching out.  So we remain hopeful that the Docks & Harbors Board and the Planning Commission will find the balance that works for everyone.”

The issue may be one that drew a number of people to apply for the seats.

Kiehl says there does seem to be more citizen interest in certain CBJ boards lately.  The city had 23 applicants for nine seats on the three enterprise boards of Docks and Harbors, Eaglecrest, and the Airport — so many that interviews for the ski area and airport board will be held next month.

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