DC lawmakers recess with plenty still to be done

The US Capitol Building. (Image courtesy JamesDeMers/Pixabay)

The US Capitol Building. (Image courtesy JamesDeMers/Pixabay)

The Senate is out for the week.  But it will return to a full slate.

Congress gave itself an entire week off for Memorial Day. Both chambers are set to return a week from today.

The recess comes at an unfortunate time, since the Senate was starting to show signs of productivity. The Judiciary Committee debated hundreds of amendments to an immigration reform package that’s expected to take much of the Senate calendar for the next month.

And the Farm Bill that Congress extended at the end of last year was recently reintroduced onto the Senate floor. Already it’s had votes on amendments and will get future ones … on controversial issues like crop insurance and food assistance for the poor.

That massive piece of legislation also reauthorizes the Denali Commission.

The fate of the Farm Bill remains uncertain though. Last year the Senate passed one, only to see it fester in the House.


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