What does the country’s most expensive Quarter Pounder with Cheese look like?

By May 16, 2013Economy
Juneau McDonald's

Juneau’s only McDonald’s boasts the United States’ most expensive Quarter Pounder with Cheese. (Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO)

Perhaps you’ve heard by now that Juneau has topped another “most expensive _______” list. The culprit this time? The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese.

And here it is:

This new honor comes from the Quarter Pounder Index (QPI) billed as a basic cost of life estimator from the group NerdWallet. The QPI is NerdWallet’s effort to help people understand the purchasing power of a dollar by using cheeseburgers.

Juneau’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese came in at $4.82.

The country’s cheapest Quarter Pounder is approximately 3,000 miles away in Conway, Arkansas where the Quarter Pounder rings up at $2.24.

The Quarter Pounder pictured here was purchased at Juneau’s only McDonald’s, however it now costs $4.99 and totaled $5.24 with sales tax.

Anchorage and Fairbanks are ranked fifth and sixth respectively for the cost of Quarter Pounders.

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