Statter Harbor first phase improvements declared finished

Anita Statter, in purple coat, helps cut the ribbon for the first phase of the harbor improvements along with Rep. Cathy Munoz on her left and Sen. Dennis Egan, Rep. Beth Kerttula, and Assemblymember Mary Becker on her right.

CBJ Harbor officials, assemblymembers, and state lawmakers on Wednesday celebrated the near-completion of the first phase of the Statter Harbor renovation project in Auke Bay.

Existing floats were repaired and new concrete floats were built to replace the old wooden ones.

Deputy port engineer Erich Schaal says the floats are moored by piles as long as 240-feet that are inserted into the bedrock by a custom-built drill assembly.

The system is unique in the fact that we took an existing harbor that was held in place by anchors and created a pile-moored system. We have signifcant tidal ranges in this facility and, so, you’ll see very large metal structures that are atop these piles that have to resist those huge forces.”

Schall says the floats also feature a fire suppression system and an efficient LED lighting system that should reduce light pollution outside the harbor area.

Anita Statter, who helped cut the ribbon, says her husband Don D. Statter would have liked the improvements.

“Auke bay is a gem,” said Statter. “We are so lucky to have Auke Bay harbor and the whole location all around Auke Bay. This is a beautiful, beautiful place that the Capital City can be proud of.”

May 15th was the original schedule completion date when $8.5 million project was to be turned over to the CBJ.

Port director Carl Uchytil says contractors will continue working on punch-list or final cosmetic items for the project.

Phase two of the Statter Harbor improvement project includes a new boat haul out facility and trailer parking lot near the old DeHart’s Marina.

Statter Harbor is named after Don D. Statter, the former state public works employee and city docks and harbors boardmember who advocated for development and improvement of Juneau’s harbors.

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