Gardentalk – Plant buying mistakes

The plant sale will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 11th at the Carrs/Safeway parking lot.

It’s dead, Jim.

Here’s an example of why buying plants from some of the big box stores without any local guidance could be a risky endeavor.

KTOO’s Matt Miller bought this Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry and two other varieties from a big box chain store last year.

For whatever reason, all of the blackberry plants died either before they were purchased or immediately after planting. It turned out to be a waste of $21.

Although the box label shown below indicates that full sun to partial shade is best, it does not specify optimum soil composition, moisture, pH, or ideal hardiness zones.

If you looked up this type of berry, then you might discover that it is best suited for Zones 5 through 9. But, depending on your location in Southeast Alaska and which hardiness map you consulted, your designation could range from Zone 4 to Zone 7.

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