Juneau Afternoon 4/25/13

By April 24, 2013A Juneau Afternoon
Thursday at 3 on KTOO-FM on A Juneau Afternoon, Shona Strauser will host.

We’ll talk to Kris Valencia, Managing Editor of this year’s edition of Milepost;

Mary Irvine and Kimberly Naylor will be here to talk about Saturday’s Slow Art Day;

We’ll get a not-so-silent preview of this weekend’s not-so-silent film at the Gold Town Theatre with Bob Banghart and Dave Hunsaker;

Brendan Sullivan from the Juneau Skating Club will highlight this Saturday’s Spring Skating Show;

And Nancy DeCherney will be here with Arts Up.

That, Writers’ Almanac, music & more, Thursday at 3 on KTOO-NEWS.

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