City of Hoonah responds to lawsuit filed by officer’s widow

The city of Hoonah wants to include the convicted murderer of two police officers in an ongoing civil suit stemming from the incident.

Haley Tokuoka, widow of Officer Matthew Tokuoka, last August filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city alleging that Sargent Anthony Wallace was negligent in breaching his duty of care to the Tokuoka family. She also alleged that the city was negligent in the training and supervision of Wallace.

The response recently filed by the city of Hoonah names John Marvin, Jr. as a third party co-defendant in the case. It asserted that Wallace was not negligent and did not cause the damage claimed by Haley Tokuoka. It also asked that Haley Tokuoka’s lawsuit against the city be dismissed, and any fault or award of damages be allocated to Marvin.

On April 5th, Marvin was sentenced to two consecutive 99-year prison terms for the deaths of Wallace and Tokuoka.

He was convicted during a jury trial in Juneau last November for the shootings that claimed their lives in August 2010.

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