FAA provides details of Alaska furloughs due to federal sequestration

The Federal Aviation Administration on Friday released some details about the effect of the national sequestration budget cuts in Alaska.

In a letter to pilots, Alaska Flight Services Manager Jim Miller says the state’s three main Flight Service Stations in Juneau, Kenai and Fairbanks will remain open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Most small, satellite facilities will be unaffected as well. But others will see reduced hours through Fiscal Year 2013 due to agency-wide furloughs.

The Ketchikan and Sitka stations are the only facilities in Southeast affected. The Northway, Talkeetna, Palmer and McGrath stations will see furloughs as well.

Miller’s letter says during shortened hours or closures most services will continue to be provided by a parent facility in Juneau, Kenai or Fairbanks.

The furloughs will start Sunday April 21 and last through the end of the federal fiscal year, September 30 or until the sequestration cuts are lifted.

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