Juneau Police warn of dangerous drug

A designer drug called 25i has apparently been distributed in Juneau, and the Juneau Police Department is warning residents to be aware about its potentially dangerous effects.

According to a JPD release issued Wednesday afternoon, the drug has been linked to several medical emergencies in Juneau over the past month. The drug’s delivery mechanism looks similar to LSD, produces symptoms similar to Ecstasy, and it can cause violent behavior, disorientation, seizures, and death.

Parents should be aware of the drug which is usually soaked into blotter paper and possibly perforated in squares or small dosages.

One sample of the suspected 25i has been sent to the Alaska State Crime Lab in Anchorage.

JPD recommends caution when handling the drug since it can be dangerous at very small doses. They recommend handing it over to them for proper disposal instead of putting it into the landfill or adding it to the water system.

(KTOO is already developing an in-depth story on this drug. Tune in or check back later for more on this issue.)

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