Police bust up loud party in Mountainside Estates

By April 1, 2013Uncategorized

A Juneau man was jailed and over two dozen others were cited as a party was broken up on Hillcrest Avenue above Twin Lakes on Friday night.

Juneau police officers say they responded to a complaint before 11 o’clock about loud music, and they found several juveniles under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

Benjamin Gelotte, 20, was arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, disorderly conduct, and minor consuming alcohol.

Officers say a search warrant was issued for the residence and they contacted 45 people who apparently participated in the party.

According to a police department statement, those cited for minor consuming included 19-year old Joseph Pulfrey, 20-year old Kevin Burgess, 20-year old Blaine Roeber, 18-year old Galen Wright, 20-year old Hayden Eddy, 20-year old Joshua Hamilton, 19-year old Benjamin Shaw, 18-year old Dillon Torres, 20-year old Frank Rogers, 18-year old Joseph Cordova, 19-year old Cameron Shand, 19-year old Tyler Roulet, 19-year old Alexander Glass, and 20-year old Anthony Thingvall.

In addition, a dozen youth under the age of eighteen were also cited for minor consuming. Police did not release their names.

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