Easter Sunday fire damages Thane Road home

By April 1, 2013Uncategorized

No one was reported injured in a house fire out Thane Road early Sunday morning.

The blaze at the 4600 block started on the deck of the house and apparently up the top floor of the two-story structure.

Captain Ed Quinto says half of the top floor was showing flames when they arrived.

“The cause of the fire, at this time, was determined that the homeowner had put fireplace ashes on the wooden deck and the wooden deck ignited on fire,” said Quinto.

Quinto says there was water and fire damage to the second floor and water damage on the first floor.

About $100,000 damage to the structure. The city assessor’s database values the 10-year old structure at about $286,000 in value.

An estimated $20,000 damage to contents and family belongings.

In message posted on Facebook, homeowner Chris Mertl thanks all the friends who turned out to help on Easter Sunday. And a “huge thanks,” writes Mertl, “to Capital City Fire Rescue for a great job at containing the fire and saving our possessions.”

Thirty firefighters and ten vehicles responded to the call out just after midnight early on Sunday morning.

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