Juneau Afternoon 3/26/13

By March 25, 2013A Juneau Afternoon

Tuesday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.

We’ll learn about Steve Kocsis’s presentation tonight at the Marie Drake Planetarium, The Big Bang for Beginners;

We’ll get the details on Thursday’s Choose Respect Rally from Sara Lyn and Special Assistant to the Governor Mike Lesmann;

Drummer Cole Paramore, and Singer-songwriter Harrison Bwill give a preview of Wednesday’s concert at the UAS Rec Center Harrison B will be joined by Sammie Burrows for the event;

And Sarah Marino will be here along with Barbara Cadiente-Nelson and Dave Stoltenburg to talk about optional programs in the Juneau School District.

That, Writers’ Almanac, music and more, Tuesday at 3 on KTOO-News.

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