Juneau Afternoon 3/19/13

By March 18, 2013A Juneau Afternoon

Tuesday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.
We’ll talk with Wade Rogers and Joel Osburn about the next session of Sailor Talk, Thursday evening when Southeast Alaska Sailing will set up a sewing machine at KTOO’s studios and allow local sailors to bring in their sails and stretch them out on the studio floor for repairs and measurement;
We’ll get a preview of Wednesday’s KRNN Showcase Concert with musician C Scott Fry;
We’ll talk chicken with Darren Snyder about the upcoming April Fowl’s Day;
And Margie Hamburger, site manager and Lilly Otsea, a charter School 6th grader, will be here to highlight Juneau Community Charter School.
That, Writers’ Almanac, Bird Note, music and more, Tuesday at 3 on KTOO-News.

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