Hammonds want oil tax-cut ad pulled off TV

The widow of the late Gov. Jay Hammond wants a television advertisement that compares her husband to Sean Parnell taken off the air.

Bella Hammond and her daughter Heidi Hammond say they were never consulted about the TV ad that urges the Alaska Legislature to pass Gov. Parnell’s oil tax bill.

The commercial by an Anchorage group “Resource Full Alaska” is narrated by Glenn Hackney, a former state senator from Fairbanks, who served during the Hammond administration.

In a news release put out by Backbone, the Hammonds say the ad “misappropriates former Governor Hammond’s legacy and his good name.”

Backbone is non-partisan public-interest group that started in 1999 to fight the proposed merger of ARCO and BP.  It re-emerged last year to take on Parnell’s proposed oil tax cuts. Malcolm Roberts, long-time aide to the late Governor Wally Hickel, is the group’s spokesman.



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