Village of Tuluksak out of power for several days

Power has been out in the village of Tuluksak the past few days. The village is located 50 river miles upstream of Bethel.

On Tuesday, Tuluksak Native Community President Waska Fly said the one generator in the village was no longer operational. It is believed that the electric generator burned out after overheating. Witnesses say a piston broke through the side of the cylinder.

The generator was located in a newly built powerhouse in the village.

Fly said he did not know when the village would get power back up and running.

The village has not been able to sell any gasoline or stove oil to the residents because of the power outage.

Residents without wood heat are staying at the Tuluksak School, which has its own power generator. Wind chills on Tuesday dipped to 50 below zero.

Dianne George the Assistant Administrator of the Yupiit School District, located in Akiachak, says she has been trying to contact the Tuluksak School but the phones were down since last night and residents are not answering their cell phones.

The Alaska Energy Authority in Anchorage confirmed that they were helping the village but would not comment further.



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