Top Chef in Juneau to be served up on TV next month

Top Chef contestant photo courtesy of Bravo TV

The cat is out of the bag, or, rather, the salmon is out of the net.

Starting next week, Juneau residents will be able to see the final product from last August’s super-secret television production that was believed to have included crew and contestants from the popular Top Chef television show. A production crew from Los Angeles-based The Mission Productions was identified as setting up at various locations in Juneau including Tracy’s Crab Shack, the Gold Creek Salmon Bake, Safeway, the Thunder Mountain High School kitchen, and the Governor’s House.

Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development officials confirmed in a release on Thursday that, yes, those were the final episodes of the tenth season of Top Chef that were being filmed in Juneau.

For all of those Juneau residents that signed non-disclosure agreements to keep mum in exchange for participation in the production, that means that relief may be just around the corner.

The January 30th episode featured the remaining contestants boarding a Celebrity Cruise ship.

The Juneau episodes will be broadcast on Bravo TV starting on February 6th with the Final Elimination Challenge, produced at the Governor’s House, to be broadcast on February 13th.

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